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Step 4 - 19th July

Following the Prime Minister's announcement yesterday, it has now been confirmed that we will move into Step 4 of the Roadmap next Monday, 19 July

Yesterday, Monday 12th July, the Prime Minister announced an end to legal restrictions in England from Monday 19th July.

Face coverings and social distancing will no longer be mandatory. However, there will still be an expectation to wear face coverings in crowded places, such as on public transport, and recommendations to continue to exercise caution to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Some businesses, such as nightclubs, are encouraged to use the QR Code. All businesses are encouraged to continue reminding their staff to practise infection control measures: washing hands, sanitising etc.

Although staff who have been furloughed or working from home will be allowed to return the workplace, it is expected that this will not be something that happens overnight and businesses are asked to discuss returning to work with their members of staff.

If you test positive, you will need to continue with isolation rules; at the moment, this law will be in place until mid-August.

Guidance for 19th July onwards

COVID 19 Response: Summer 2021

Prime Minister's Statement: 12th July 2021

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