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Moving On Up

A young man arrived in Eastbourne after his partner committed suicide, and he became homeless.  He contacted Paul Roskilly, at Menkind CIC as he was struggling with anxiety and his mental health.  He was referred to People Matter and they discovered he had a background in digital marketing, so they introduced him to an Eastbourne employer, and he was interviewed and offered a job under the Moving On Up scheme. 

This is an East Sussex initiative which started in March 2022.  It is being extended beyond the original March 2023 finishing date, hopefully for 2 more years.  During that time over 40 people who were in temporary accommodation or at risk of becoming homeless have gained employment and secure housing.  Anyone ‘vulnerably housed’ qualifies. 

The programme pays the employer a £2,000 incentive, if the job seeker receives at least the minimum wage and the offer is for at least a year.  This must also include a level of training.

The employee receives £3,000 after 12 weeks in the job for housing, and is paid direct to the landlord.  It can also be used for purchasing household goods as necessary and is very flexible.

SCDA is responsible for seeking housing for the homeless person and managing the payments for their housing.

SCTP pays the employer after 5 weeks in two instalments.


The Lansdowne Hotel and PRG Marketing have both employed people under this scheme, which is for refugees, people in temporary accommodation and homeless people. 

If you are interested, contact Keith Ridley here.