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Meet The Grand's Executive Chef

Hrvoje Loncarevic has a long history with The Grand Hotel, Eastbourne; he married there and trained under Keith Mitchell and Gerald Roser to eventually become a Member of the Institute of Hospitality and is now only the fourth Executive Head Chef since World War Two!

He is passionate about working with the local community and supporting the younger generation into the hospitality industry. Having worked in several high end establishments, including Brighton and Hove Football Stadium and supporting Royal Ascot, Hrvoje has realised the importance of investment in our young generation of chefs - and all other departments in the Hospitality industry. He works closely with communities, the local college, schools and is driving the healthy eating plans with junior schools in Eastbourne.

Hrvoje says, ‘My belief in the institute of hospitality is to keep evolving, learning, connect with other professionals, and to mentor the younger generation that want to come into our industry. Here, at the Grand Hotel, I am very fortunate to oversee an amazing, loyal team. I am always on the lookout for new talent to nurture and develop the great chefs of the future.’

Working with locally sourced products is also hugely important to Hrvoje. With a strong commitment to deliver the knowledge and experience of the meat, game and fresh seafood on our wonderful UK shores, you can guarantee that whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will be served the freshest and most delicious food.