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Making Natural History

A virtual festival for the environment 9th-20th November

In 1995 Eastbourne created and hosted a remarkable event: “Leave It To Us”, the first United Nations international children’s conference on the environment. Over 800 children from 92 countries challenged world leaders to stop the destruction of natural habitats and reduce the use of non-recyclable plastic. Twenty five years on ‘Making Natural History’ revisits the vision of these young activists and gives us the encouragement and the tools to build on their legacy.

The on-line festival programme showcases shining examples of environmental activism, conservation and education; it includes a series of family-friendly virtual presentations, discussions and masterclasses.

Wherever you are in the UK, Making Natural History will give you an understanding of ways in which you, yourself, in your patch, can make things better. If you are in Eastbourne, it will also tag you into an active community with the same aims.

The first session, Let's Get Engaged', will be held via Zoom on Monday 9th November and will include talks from Baroness Floella Benjamin, Sir Tim Smit, Dr William Bird, Eastbourne's very own Tom Nevill and many others.

For more information and to book your space on the session, click here.

To discover more about the festival and the other sessions available, click here.