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Lightning Fibre Broadband Confirms Business As Usual

The Lightning Fibre business and assets of Lightning Fibre Limited transferred to LF Holdco 2 Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Foresight Fibre Holdco Limited, on 19th February 2024. The transfer ensures that the Lightning Fibre business will continue to trade as normal. Customers are unaffected by this change and have been notified in writing.

Amit Thakrar, Director at Foresight Group, commented, “Foresight is fully-committed to Lightning Fibre, and we have every confidence in the Senior Management Team to further develop the company.”  

Stefan Stanislawski, Lightning Fibre’s CEO, added that, “In the short term we have changed our strategy to leverage our strong brand and focus more on growing customer take-up, rather than on expanding the network coverage. We also have exciting plans to extend the reach of our successful ISP beyond our own network this year.”

Lightning Fibre will continue its community-focused approach, which has enabled it to build a compelling and popular local brand, and played a part in the firm scooping the highly-coveted ‘Best Consumer ISP (with fewer than 50,000 customers) Award’ at the ISPA Awards in Nov 2023.

Lightning Fibre launched a 2.5Gbps service in Jan (for £99 per month). The 150Mbps package is priced at £24 with a set up fee (£48) and 900Mbps is currently £39. Fixed term contract service fees are fixed for two years, with no inflationary mid-contract price increases. A 50Mbps symmetric social tariff package was introduced in early 2023, for £15 on a rolling 30 day contract for households eligible for means-tested benefits.

The company enjoys a 4.8 'excellent' Trustpilot rating.