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Latest COVID Announcement

The Prime Minister held a press conference this afternoon. The full information will be available online shortly but in the meantime, here are some of the main points.

  • Extension of the furlough period to all nations of UK up until the end of March. This will continue to be at 80%.
  • Employers to pay National Insurance and Pension Contributions.
  • Lockdown will automatically expire on 2nd December - advisors say that four weeks is enough to make a real difference and afterwards, we will go back to a tiered approach.
  • 32milion tests conducted so far.
  • We want to ensure families can come together at Christmas wherever they live.
  • Rapid testing being rolled out. City-wide testing starting tomorrow in Liverpool.
  • 'Very real chance of a vaccine'
  • Extending support for self employed - 80% of average profits
  • Cash grants to closed businesses.
  • £1.1billion to local councils to support businesses through the Additional Support Grant. Please be aware: this is a one-off payment and will not be replicated if your business is forced to close again this economic year.
  • £15m to help local councils to support and safely accommodate rough sleepers or people at risk of becoming homeless.

For further information about business support, click here.
As soon as we know the application process is live, we will let you know.