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Commemorative Artwork

Dear Eastbourne business

Commemorative Artwork

Firstly, many thanks for investing in Eastbourne, the employment opportunities that you offer and what you bring to our town generally cannot be underestimated.

Eastbourne, like every other area of the country, has suffered in the last year with the COVID pandemic, and on so many levels. However, with the vaccine rollout and the easing of restrictions, an end to lockdown is finally in sight. As life slowly starts to move towards some sort of normality after 14 months of disruption, I feel that it is important that we leave a permanent reminder of how the Key Workers in this great town of ours, worked exceptionally hard to keep us safe and ensured that we continued to receive vital services throughout the crisis. There were the NHS staff, public transport workers, vets, supermarket staff, council workers, postal teams, logistics drivers, manufacturers of key components, numerous volunteers and many more.

We would also like to remember those families who have seen the greatest impact of this dreadful disease, through the loss of a loved one or who are still suffering because of the Coronavirus.

My proposal is to have a commemorative piece of artwork installed in Elm Grove Field, near St Wilfrid’s Hospice, set in a Cherry tree grove. The theme will be to thank and remember those that have done so much for the town.

I am looking for donations from local companies that feel able to contribute, and any companies that do so, will be mentioned and promoted as we rollout the art piece. The target is £10,000, with £1,500 already promised. If you wish to donate, it is very simple, just transfer funds into the account below and reference it with your company name and ‘Artwork’.

Mayor’s Charity Account



I thank you in advance for your kind donation and send you my best wishes for helping with this important part of the COVID journey.

Yours faithfully

Councillor Steve Wallis

Mayor of Eastbourne