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Your legacy on the South Downs

After the devastation of the Country's trees by Elm Disease and Ash Die Back the late Queen decided to celebrate her Jubilee by introducing the Queen's Green Canopy project, an amazing programme which encourages the community to come together to plant and maintain new trees.

The Chamber of Commerce is working with the Queens Green Canopy Jubilee team to create a peaceful clearing on the Downs, surrounded by trees where members and the community can come together on a large shared table to enjoy picnics, a chat, games, or even an open air board meeting!

We are planning a special place where you can enjoy the wildlife, the sea views and the peace of the Downs while commemorating the Queen's reign and celebrating her life.

We already have commitment for 66 trees, but we want more, so, if you would like to get involved, please email us here. We are looking for donations of £100 per tree and/or volunteers to help plant the trees and maintain them while they become exstablished.

Any member planting trees will be recorded on a roll of honour in the local papers and on a wooden sign on the Downs.

And the Chamber of Commerce will match fund any contributions up to £15,000.

If you would like your legacy to be new trees planted on the Downs for everyone to enjoy, please email expressions of interest with full details here.

Follow this link to see the map of the Queen's Green Canopy on the Downs. The Chamber area will be situated near the Bede's entrance to the Downs.