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Water Refill Stations

We are adding to our network of Refill Stations across Eastbourne. We already have a network of about 70 places where you can refill your bottle with fresh drinkable water. You can use the "Refill" App to show where the nearest one to where you are is located.

We hope to be using a newly designed refill station made from recycled fishing net soon and are trying to raise funds for this ambitious project by various means, including this one. Each refill station costs about £3000 to install. If we can raise half of this sum here, we shouold be able to raise the rest in other ways. We are determined to improve our environment by encouraging people to use reusable bottles and reject buying single-use plastic bottles.

The water from such bottles is often of inferior quality than mains water. Also, it costs 500 times more than the equivalent volume of tap water. Finally, please think of the massive pollution from discarded plastic bottles. In Eastbourne last year, during the various Plastic Free Eastbourne beach cleans, over 150 were found. If we can reduce this to zero, we would have made a real difference. This campaign will help - with your assistance!

Link to this website for a virtual tour of our Spring Water Festival which celebrates our fresh drinking water.