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Prestigious Safety Award

Widely acknowledged as a worldwide leading safety expert for vertical transportation of goods and people, David Cooper was presented with the award in recognition of delivering tangible improvements in safety.


Mr. Cooper has dedicated in excess of 30 years of his 40-year engineering career to improving the safety of lift and escalator passengers and engineers.  His research, analysis and recommendations have had far reaching impacts and resulted in the implementation of new safety measures around the world.


Chief Executive Bruce McGill of the Society of Operations Engineers, the awarding body, said: “Safety, quality and engineering excellence are by-words for what Dave Cooper represents. The impact of Dave’s work - in his lifelong quest to have zero fatalities (for passengers and engineers) within the lift and escalator sector - is phenomenal. He is a very deserving recipient of the Award.”


Eur ing Professor, David Cooper said: “ I am delighted to accept the Award. Thank you to the Society and Sir Moir for recognising me in this manner. Lifts and escalators are part of all our daily lives so it is imperative that the pursuit of safety excellence is continued.”


David’s research into ‘falls over the sides of escalators by minors’ prompted a hugely important change to the European standard, EN115. As a result of his recommendations, all escalator installations have new designs of guards installed – helping to prevent passengers from falling over the sides.  He also conducted detailed research into incidents, injuries and deaths caused by shopping trolleys and luggage carts on escalators. This also resulted in a significant update to European Standards, EN115 - improving the safety of escalators and prevented deaths and serious injuries. Over the years both of these research projects have saved many lives.


Dave is managing director of LECS(UK), leading independent consultants in lifts escalators and cable cars. He is also an active member of the Safety Assessment Federation and has co-authored some of the sectors leading books on safety to include Elevator & Escalator Accident Reconstruction & Litigation, The Elevator & Escalator Micropedia and CIBSE Guide D transportation systems in buildings.


In 2020 David helped develop the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers  ‘Emerging From Lockdown’ guidance. He was awarded a CIBSE President’s Commendation for his tireless work to reflect current research, public health information and adapting to changes in restrictions.