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Latest COVID Update

Prime Minister's Announcement

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has very cautiously made a new announcement this evening about vaccines and the mass testing process. Main points below.


  • Progress is being made
  • 40,000 people have volunteered to text the vaccine.
  • Interim results show vaccine to be 90% effective at protecting people from COVID-19.
  • However, we have not yet seen full safety data and it still needs to be peer reviewed.
  • We have cleared one hurdle but have several more to go.
  • If approved, we will be ready to start using it straightaway.
  • If the vaccine proves to be effective and passes all rigorous safety checks, we will begin a UK-wide NHS-led programme of vaccine distribution.
  • Order of distribution will consider recommendations from scientific experts from the joint committee on vaccination and immunisation.

BUT these are very early days.

  • We cannot rely on this news as a solution.
  • At the end of last week, the R rate was above 1 but this doesn’t take into account the current lockdown measures.

Mass testing:

  • First pilot in Liverpool started last week.
  • Results can be provided within an hour.
  • Working with universities to begin similar mass testing in universities across the UK.

Plan is to move forward with a tiered approach from December.

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