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Inclusive Sports Hub

Do you know there is a sports hub in Eastbourne which is fully inclusive and accessible to children and adults with special educational needs and disabilities? Defiant Sports are an Eastbourne based not-for-profit providing inclusive sport to all, regardless of ability or disability.

Defiant Sports was formed to tackle the inequalities in sport for those with barriers to participation, with Loretta’s (founder and managing director) son Callum constantly being excluded from sport. He was ‘too disabled’ to participate in mainstream sport, but told that to participate in disability sport he’d have to further disable himself by playing in a wheelchair. Hence, Defiant Sports was formed to fill this gap, and give everyone an opportunity to participate in and gain he benefits of sporting.

The Defiant Sports team is trained in a variety of sports, from standard ones like tennis, football and athletics, through to more specialist ones like boccia and adapted sports (sound tennis, blind football, wheelchair sports). The coaches are always open to learning new sports based on players' interests, with their key question being ‘what would you like to do?’ to ensure everyone gets the most out of their sessions and feels fully included.  

They are based in the Sovereign Harbour, with their new venue the ‘Inclusion Hub’ which has almost completed its refurbishment. After waiting almost a year, they will soon be getting both electricity and water into their hub. Importantly to many people with disabilities, the hub will soon include a Changing Places toilet, making it the first Changing Places toilet in the Sovereign Harbour, and only the third in Eastbourne. They are currently getting walls fitted too, meaning they will have a fully enclosed sensory room for light play and calming activities.

During the #LoveEastbourne campaign, Team Defiant gave up a Sunday morning for a photoshoot, which was used in a couple of the Visit Eastbourne videos on social media too.

Defiant Sports has recently returned to their full timetable of activities, which includes tennis and football for adults with learning disabilities, football for SEND children, boccia, youth club (8-11yrs and 12yrs+), sensory arts + crafts, toddler group, home ed sports, and more. You can view the whole timetable on their website or keep up with them on Facebook.

For more information about Defiant Sports, contact them on or call 07887755856.