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Eastbourne College and St Andrew’s Prep launch Blue Sky Bursaries Appeal

Eastbourne College aims to double the number of bursaries offered with 100 per cent of all fees paid, bringing this figure up to the equivalent of 40 fully funded pupil bursaries. All bursary recipients are means-tested, so funding goes to those who need it most.  

The appeal was launched at the schools’ end of term Speech Days, where pupils, parents and former pupils saw the premiere of the Caffè Sospeso film. This film was commissioned by the schools to demonstrate the power of crowdfunding, and the difference small, regular gifts can make.

Attendees also enjoyed rides in a Blue Sky Bursaries hot air balloon on College field. The balloon was chosen to feature at the launch as an apt symbol of how bursaries allow young people to aim high and reach new heights, removing limits on aspiration.

Headmaster Tom Lawson said: “We believe in supporting and nurturing talented young people from all backgrounds to fulfil their potential. This belief and the spirit of philanthropy is built into our school’s history and traditions – Eastbourne College was founded 157 years ago thanks to the town’s doctor and generous support from local residents.

“We are launching our Blue Sky Bursaries Appeal to increase the number of bursaries we provide, to offer more young people a transformative education to help them achieve their ambitions.”

Old Eastbournian Philip Broadley, who has been a governor at Eastbourne College for the past 24 years, chair of governors since 2017, and is now retiring, delivered a speech to attendees.

He said: “I was lucky to attend Eastbourne College and have always been so grateful for the inspirational teaching, the personal growth and the opportunities I gained from my time at the school. It was my ticket of a lifetime.

“This is why I’m committed to giving back and supporting more young people to have the chance to enjoy an education like I did, through the Blue Sky Bursaries Appeal.”

Emma Garrett, development director, who heads up the Eastbournian Society community, said: “We’re proud to offer a range of bursaries to young people who become known to us in a variety of ways, including through our work in the local community and through the Coastal Schools Partnership. We want to offer more opportunities to children who wish to study in Eastbourne.  

“Bursaries can really change lives, by providing access to a quality education and all the other benefits that being at St Andrew’s Prep and Eastbourne College brings. And our donors benefit too, with many saying they are happy to give back and they love seeing the progress our extraordinary young people make during their time at our schools.”

There are a variety of ways to make a donation to the Blue Sky Bursaries Appeal, including regular giving, donating from a business, one-off gifts or by pledging a financial legacy in a will.

Eastbourne College Headmaster Tom Lawson taking to the skies with his wife, Jess

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