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Covid Update

While infection rates in Eastbourne have come down in the last couple of weeks to 338 new cases for the week, the overall rate is up 86 times on the same week last year, which is pretty shocking. Fortunately, in Eastbourne 76% of people have had two vaccinations and 83% have had one vaccination and so the numbers of Covid cases in intensive care is very low.

There is a very small increase in Covid infected ICU patients across the county but the numbers are stll very low. While the age groups in ICU are varied, there are very few people who have been vaccinated twice. Those that have had two vaccinations tend to present with other serious conditions as well as Covid. The rest are younger people who have not been vaccinated.

Deaths from Covid are also remaining low across the County.


The big ask from Public Health England is that front line staff in A&E are overwhelmed with catching up on non-covid related illnesses and so please do not go to your A&E department inless it is very serious. Please visit your doctor or pharmacy first.

999 is available for absolute emergencies.