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Be Carbon Neutral by 2030!

Eastbourne has pledged to reduce our carbon footprint to zero by 2030.  That’s in less than 10 years!  To hit this target various groups and residents, including your Chamber, are working to reduce their carbon footprint as a matter of urgency.

We have found that sustainable policies reduce costs so it’s good business sense.  The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney,  told The Guardian newspaper that companies who do not reduce their carbon footprint will not exist in the relatively near future!  So, if you want to survive and also save our planet, join us at the EcoAction event on Saturday.

The Chamber and EcoAction have developed four pledges to start the conversation in your business.  We will be holding short Carbon Literacy Workshops at our offices and encourage you to join us.  You are invited to complete this simple questionnaire to assess your personal footprint:

Simple Carbon Footprint Calculator

Please share this with your staff to get them thinking about ways to reduce their footprint.

The EcoAction and Chamber Pledge ECN2030

These stages should be worked through from Orange to Green and will be recognised on the Chamber website on the member’s page. For more information visit EcoAction .

Tier One Pledge (orange)

  • Chamber member pledges to work towards ECN2030.
  • Agrees to encourage all individual employees to measure their carbon footprint and;
  • Share progress informally at work in a weekly 10 minute “carbon chat”.
  • Encourage all suppliers to measure their carbon footprint, use sustainable products and commit to work through these pledges.
  • Form a company carbon reduction group to work across the business/organisation and with suppliers.
  • Creates carbon notice board (virtual/physical). Provides time and budget for key staff to be trained in carbon literacy.
  • Google WWF footprint calculator and complete the quest

Tier Two (purple)

  • Encourages staff to contribute ideas for carbon reduction on the carbon notice board and;
  • Produces an organisational/location carbon reduction plan informed by key metrics.
  • Members of carbon reduction group attend accredited carbon literacy training.
  • Plan includes processes, products, services, buildings, transport, people, recycling/waste and starts within 3 months of pledging and is SMART (specific measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound).

Tier Three (blue)

  • Work with Sustrans (or a similar organisation) to reduce the carbon impact of staff travel.
  • Reduces carbon measurably in 6-12 months and;
  • Shares methodology and learning with other organisations and ECO Action Network CIC.

Tier Four (green)

  • Demonstrates at least 40% plus reduction in carbon footprint and;
  • Shares this publicly with customers, clients, the supply chain and local organisations.
  • Participates in regional conferences to share this.
  • Joins B Corporation (or similar) and commits to a net zero by 2030 pledge.
  • Anchors progress with other environmental accreditations and certification appropriate to the business or sector.

Call us on 01323 641144 to start the process and achieve ECN2030 for your business