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1 in 16 Eastbourne people are still infected with Covid! That we know of.

Eastbourne still has a very high number of infections at 1 in 16 people according to government figures published on February 22nd. So although the end is in sight, we recommend that you still take care and continue to protect yourself.

In the first lockdown supermarkets were extremely cautious and people were prepared to queue and follow one way systems around the store. Those procedures seemed to relax before Christmas and infection numbers shot up. Since then our Chamber campaign has been taken up by DEFRA and the supermarkets in town have upped their game.

They are now cleaning trolleys, baskets and touchpoints, have banning shoppers without masks and are limiting family numbers coming to shop.

We ave also surveyed filling stations and found that while the operators are providing disposabole gloves at the pump, customers are just not using them. During our survey at one filling station we observed customers for 30 minutes. During that time almost 90 people filled their cars but only one person used the gloves provided.

That means that 5 of those customers could have the virus. Did they use your pump? In a 7 hour day, that means 70 people using the filling station might be infected!


Since our first survey some of the supermarkets have made huge efforts to improve their protective protocols, so which are the safest stores to shop in now? Read our 2021 league table attached below, protect yourself and stay safe!