Eastbourne – a beautiful place to live and work…..

…and the people are nice too!

Living and working in Eastbourne ticks several boxes:

  • Excellent value business accommodation
  • Excellent value residential accommodation
  • Fast connectivity
  • A skilled and positive workforce
  • Excellent quality of life and
  • A positive enterprise culture

Also, with a population of 100,000 people, Eastbourne is the 2nd fastest growing seaside town in the UK and is the economic driver of one of the fastest growing counties in the country!

Sov Harbour boat

Eastbourne town has a distinctive character with beautiful Victorian and Edwardian buildings and wide open acres of parkland and marshland. The town’s modern marina at Sovereign Harbour has 24 hour access to the sea and is an excellent base from which to reach France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and even Scandinavia by sail boat or motor cruiser.

Eating Al Fresco at one of the excellent harbour restaurants is like being on holiday and helps make Eastbourne one of the top 10 happiest places in the UK!

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