Start preparing for Brexit NOW!

Have you considered what to do to prepare for Brexit; hard, soft or not at all?  How would any of these options affect your suppliers or your customers?  You might not be affected directly but you can be sure that somewhere in the food chain your clients and suppliers will be affected, and this will in turn affect you.

We are affiliated with the British Chamber of Commerce via Sussex Chamber of Commerce and so we are able to share their useful Brexit check list with you.  This will help you think through the implications for your workforce, taxation and VAT, currency fluctuations, intellectual property and contracts, tariffs and cross border trade.

To think through what you need to do, follow this link to the British Chamber of Commerce checklist.

The Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet Office have published two tranches of ‘Technical Notices’ about exiting the UK without a deal.

Please have a look at both sets of technical notices published here

It should be noted that the Government is still expecting to agree a deal but as a business you should prepare for every possible scenario.  Each industry sector will have different requirements so we cannot advise you how to prepare, however, we can suggest you think about your supply chain and your customer bank.  How would you cope if supply were disrupted?  How would you cope if your sales were reduced?  How would your cash-flow cope if you had a sudden influx of new customers?

Are you prepared?