Reformed East Sussex – Member of the Week

What happens to the child whose father dies of a heroin overdose, whose mother sinks into alcoholism, where the home is so unstable they are prey to sexual abuse from a neighbour and, after years of domestic violence, they are forced out of their home at the age of 14?  Then, after years on the street barely surviving by shoplifting and burglary, how does a child like this grow up to get a normal job where they are trusted?

It’s virtually impossible which is why so many people are homeless on our streets.

Not everyone in life gets the same start – a happy, supportive family with healthy, growing children ready to fulfil their potential.

Some children grow up with violence, drug taking and alcoholism.  Some will thrive despite this hard start but most will not.

If you would like to do something to help turn the situation around, consider using your CSR budget to help Reformed East Sussex – it’s tax deductible.  They work with ex-offenders and people with drug and alcohol dependency, and all their volunteers have been there and know what they are talking about.

Follow this link for more information and/or to make a donation. 
No amount is too small.

Charmaine Sewell and her team decided they would no longer be victims and so, under Charmaine’s leadership, they have come together to form R.E.S.  This amazing organisation has helped almost 400 people to kick drugs and alcohol and to find work.  They have helped prolific and persistent ex-offenders to break the cycle, like they did, so please look at their website and help if you can.