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An Eventful Chamber AGM!

Eastbourne unLtd Chamber of Commerce AGM Report

Our hybrid AGM was set up with over 50 members and councillors attending, both online and in person, on Thursday 17th with the MP, Caroline Ansell present. Having been held successfully last year, we decided to hold another hybrid meeting this year so that members who had been vaccinated could meet up and network.

The Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club had just completed their welcome and the President had asked for the AGM Notice to be taken as read when - silence...... UK Power Networks plunged Eastbourne's harbour area into darkness and we lost all contact with the wifi, broadband, presentations, videos and the members online. Chaos ensued for a few moments.

The powercut lasted for the entire AGM and Nicky Fisher was left controlling the AGM from Cornwall! As we were ubable to reconnect to Zoom, we held two separate meetings linked only by the CEO's mobile phone on 4G!

Fortunately, with a strict running order in place, Nicky Fisher was able to soldier on with the online cohort, and Christina Ewbank was able to manage the same process with those attending in person. Then Stephen Holt and Luke Johnson gave the BID plans for the town centre and Caroline Ansell gave the view from Westminster, which is reported on the minutes in detail.

Election of Directors

The directors detailed below were voted onto the board of the Chamber at the AGM. Please find their CVs below.

- Rebecca Conroy

- Mark McFadden

- Mina O'Brien

- Ashley Pugh

- Luke Shevels