They’re killing our wildlife now, and will be killing our children’s children, so what are the single use plastics that we all rely on every day?  Think about items like…
Straws, plastic cups, cocktail stirrers, ketchup sachets, water bottles, sandwich packs and the throwaway plastics you use at home.

Plastic is often more sustainable than the paper or wood it replaces but only when it  is used over and over again, not just once!  Think about your throwaway plastic use and challenge shops, restaurants and hotels to use these alternatives whenever possible.

Plastic Single Use Items    Alternatives
Plastic straws Paper straws
Plastic sachets of ketchup and similar Bowls of ketchup/mayonaise etc
Plastic cutlery Wooden cutlery
Plastic cups Glass or paper cups
Plastic shampoo, conditioner, soap containers Larger, refillable containers
Plastic bin liners Compostable bin-liners
Balloons for celebrations There are lots of alternatives
Plastic water bottles Glass or refillable bottles

“Bio-degradable” often isn’t!

Understandably, you might believe that “bio-degradable” marked on an item means that it will eventually break down and disappear.  Unfortunately this is a marketing label and is applied even if items are only 40% bio-degradable.  To be certain, the item must be marked “100% compostable”

Don’t be fooled!  Make sure it’s 100% compostable.

If you’d like to make a difference, the Plastic Free Eastbourne group meet at the Crown & Anchor on the first Sunday of the month at 7pm.  Come along to find out what is happening to reduce plastic waste in Eastbourne.

Refillable Water Bottles

Eastbourne is also going to introduce water bottle refilling outlets and will be looking for volunteers in the town centre.  Please email us here to  apply for your free sticker offering free water refills.

Eastbourne Needs Plastic Free Champions

Finally, if you would like to become a “Plastic Free Champion” call us on 01323 641144 or email us here for a one to one visit to find out how.

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