Plastic Free Champions – Go Plastic Pallets!

Plastic Free Champions – Go Plastic Pallets!

Not only do Go Plastic Pallets use recycled plastics to make long lasting commercial containers which last much longer than wooden pallets,  they have also removed single use plastics from their business:

Go Plastic Pallets:

  • Have removed all plastic water cups from use
  • Removed plastic laminating pouches
  • Recycle all ink cartridges and batteries
  • Banned balloons and floating Chinese Lanterns from celebrations
  • Use bags for life for all shopping
  • Use only re-usable spiral binders
  • Stop staff from disposing of cigarettes down drains

They are also reviewing

  • All plastic shrink wrap packaging and plastic covers with their supplying factories
  • Plastic soap dispensers in all the toilets
  • Filtered mains water to replace plastic bottled water
  • Bottled milk deliveries rather than supermarket plastic milk bottles
  • Using  dispensers for cleaning materials rather than individual plastic bottles

Managing Director Jim Hardisty explained “Hard wearing plastics are an important part of modern life while single use plastics are a blight on the landscape and damaging to our wildlife.  Re-useable plastic pallets last much longer than wooden ones and are fully recyclable.  In fact, many of our pallets are already made from recycled materials.

“We recycle as much of our waste as possible and so it makes perfect sense to reduce our use of single use plastics as much as possible.

“We are delighted to support Plastic Free Eastbourne and the Chamber of Commerce in reducing single use plastics across town.”

Jim Hardisty Director