New Member Cherry Dance at Langney Priory

Our new members Cherry Dance are available to make any event go with a bang!  They join us each year for the Eastbourne Zombie Walk where 15 dancers perform Thriller Flash Mobs through the town.  They also perform Burlesque at Leaf Hall!

They even taught our business development manager, Stephen Holt, how to dance Bollywood style!  (A sight to behold!)

Join them at their next events:

  • Cabaret Cerises Burlesque, Cabaret and Comedy
    Musical at Leaf Hall, Friday 7th June
  • Cabaret Cerises Burlesque, Cabaret and Comedy
    Ship Wrecked at Leaf Hall, Friday 2nd August

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If you’d like to get fit, learn to pole dance or have a secret desire to be a burlesque dancer , visit Cherry Dance here.