About: TGS Security Specialists Ltd

TGS Security Specialists Ltd

Name: Paul Brown

Category: Professional
Category: Security

2 Castleham Road
St Leonards on Sea
East Sussex
TN38 9NR

Telephone: 0800 1930065
Email Address: paul@tgs-security.co.uk
Website: www.tgs-security.co.uk/

TGS Security Specialists offer a very unique brand. We are raising the standard in the industry to a level not previously seen in the U.K. TGS have improved each service currently offered by its competitors at the most competitive rate. We are the FIRST Security Service in the U.K. to introduce character assessments, security exams and fitness tests prior to the selection of our officers.

The security environment is rapidly changing, companies are not evolving to handle modern demands. We believe that a physically fit Security Officer possesses a higher level of motivation and competence than an officer that does not meet our physical requirements. A high level of conditioning will enable our officers to handle the demands of the industry today and that of the future. All officers will complete a physical fitness examination every three months to maintain our high standards.

The future of the security industry

TGS Security Specialists boast the ONLY CCTV Monitoring Station in East Sussex excluding our backup facility. Combined with a Rapid Response Service, this low cost solution to manned guarding is the future of the security industry, offering complete protection to business owners while dramatically reducing their cost of private security.