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Name: Emma Millar

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East Sussex

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Children and young people have been cared for at St. John’s for nearly 130 years. The founder, Miss Jane Borradaile opened St. John’s as a seaside convalescent home in 1886.

Miss Borradaile had been campaigning for over 10 years to open a free institution for the care of the poor and needy from the east and south-east of London. She organised appeals to raise money for the project.

In her first appeal she wrote, “In the first place, I am anxious to make an entirely free home, no weekly payment to be required for any patient”.

In 1956 St. John’s transformed into a school for children with learning disabilities and it has continued to provide the very best in education, care and support to this very day, maintaining the vision of our founder in protecting and helping those most vulnerable in our society.