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Name: Jim Hardisty

Category: Distribution & Wholesale
Category: Builders, Contractors & Allied Trades

Unit 6 Alder Close
East Sussex
BN23 6QF

Telephone: 01323 744057
Email Address: sales@goplasticpallets.com
Website: www.goplasticpallets.com

Goplasticpallets.com, The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company, is the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets, pallet boxes and small containers. They have sole distribution agreements with five of Europe’s largest plastic pallet and box manufacturers, allowing the company to offer an extensive and competitive range of products in different varieties – most of them from stock, with personalization if required. 96% of their products are made from recycled materials. Their mission is to help create more sustainable supply chains by providing long-lasting, reusable plastic pallets and boxes, and ensuring they are responsibly recycled at the end of their use.