About: Defiant Sports

Name: Loretta Lock

Category: Sport
Category: Charities

Unit 2b, Sovereign Harbour Retail Park
East Sussex

Telephone: 07887 755856
Email Address: info@defiantsports.org.uk
Website: www.defiantsports.org.uk

    • Defiant Sports was formed after Callum Lock and his Mum Loretta began fighting to get him access to the world of sport to fulfil his passion for tennis.  Affected by autism, cerebral palsy and impaired vision, Callum just wanted to play!


    • A simple desire you might think?  But Callum could not find a place where he would be allowed to indulge his passion.  The more difficult he found it to find somewhere to play, the more frustrated, isolated and unhappy he became.


    • Loretta decided that something had to be done to allow him to participate and become part of a team.  Some clubs thought they were inclusive because they provided a ramp and suggested he play from a wheelchair (although he doesn’t need one).  Having cerebral palsy the muscles are cramped on one side of his body so he couldn’t hold a tennis racket at the same time as driving a wheelchair.  He could, however move around a court and hold a tennis racket.


    • Eventually, Callum found “Tennis for the Visually Impaired” and he was off!  He started playing with other people who had an impairment and his self-esteem soared.  Happy and confident he began talking to people and found the whole experience life changing.


    • Callum is now National Doubles Champion and also Singles Champion in the B4 vision category.


    • Visual Impairment Tennis is not right for everyone however so Loretta and Callum offer sport for everyone regardless of their individual impairment.  No one left out, no one expected to fit in to what is already available.


    • If you know anyone who Defiant Sports might be able to help, put them in touch with Managing Director Loretta Lock and they’ll see what they can do.


    • Being physically active is crucial to improving well-being and quality of life and so Defiant Sports work with the local community to break down barriers to participation.


  • If you would like to volunteer, sponsor or take part, just call Loretta.