About: Calm Therapy Reflexology

Calm Therapy Reflexology

Name: Jane Long

Category: Health
Category: Holistics

Old Town
East Sussex
BN21 1XL

Telephone: 07734 695964
Email Address: jane@calmtherapy.co.uk
Website: www.calmtherapy.co.uk/

It is easy to let the stresses and strains of life get the better of you.  
This is the perfect time for you to experience some relaxing Reflexology. By treating yourself at Calm Therapy Eastbourne, you will encourage your body to release your tension, and it may help you to de-stress, rebalance, improve your relaxation and sleep well.

    •     Creates a Sense of Wellbeing
•     Relaxes the Mind and Body
•     Improves Your Mood
•     Improves Your Sleep
•     Boosts Your Energy Levels
•     Releases Stress, Anxiety and Tension
•     Experience a Deep Sense of Calm and Relaxation

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing, non-invasive therapy that works through gentle massage and manipulation of the reflex points that correspond to specific parts of the body.  It is a soothing treatment which may help to reduce your stress levels.