About: Andrew Gunn TLC

Name: Andrew Gunn

Category: Education
Category: Training

29 Gore Park Road
East Sussex
BN21 1TG
Email Address: andrew@andrewgunntlc.co.uk
Website: www.andrewgunntlc.co.uk

Andrew offers a wide range of training, leadership and consultancy services in the education and technology fields. As a nationally accredited trainer, Andrew is well placed to support your organisation’s training needs. He is passionate about supporting people to improve their safe use of technology. He delivers a wide range of courses including MS Office and online safety in the workplace.

Online Safety courses can include:

Know the risks of online technologies *

How to avoid threats and dangers *

Protect your devices *

Understand your digital footprint *

Be aware of your digital shadow *

Maintain your security *

Learn about persistence of data *

Become confident and safe users of online technologies