Invite to EU Exit Business Readiness Forum on 7th February

From The Department for Business, Enterprise and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

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HMRC EU Exit Business Readiness Event – Slide Deck – 29 Jan (SHARE)


Come to the next Business Readiness Forum on 7th February

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) would like to invite you to the second EU Exit Business Readiness Forum on Thursday 7th February from 2.30-3.30pm. Following feedback from business organisations at our last meeting, this forum will focus on Importing and Exporting. Please register to attend using the password Borders


This is the first in a series of bulletins, aimed at keeping business intermediaries up to date on latest information and guidance for business on the UK exiting the EU.  The intention is to provide an “at-a-glance” look to help you signpost businesses during your discussions on Exit issues with your clients or members.


Business Readiness Forum

BEIS held the first of a regular weekly EU Exit: Business Readiness Forum on Thursday 31st January. Thirty-two business intermediary bodies, trade associations and BRO’s attended, along with a good cross section of officials from policy teams across BEIS and Whitehall. The forum covered

  • the Public Information Campaign,
  • Latest developments on the UK’s exit from the EU and
  • Future Forum themes and Q&A

Key asks from the business bodies were:

  • Simple messaging – pointing to URLs for further Information when new content is published
  • A list of top ten things a business must do to prepare for Brexit
  • Complaint about the lack of guidance for businesses in Northern Ireland – too UK generic
  • The legal position for business if all legislation doesn’t get through the House before 29 March
  • Will the UK set up the equivalent of the European Commission website that covers, tariffs, customs codes and documentation for export markets (Market Access Database?)
  • Set up “#hashtag” tweets when new information is published on GOV.UK – makes it easier for business bodies to follow and pass on to their members/clients
  • The issue of future trade agreements was raised.  The Government’s priority is to ensure there is no disruption to our global trading relationships.  We have already signed transitioned Mutual Recognition Agreements with Australia and New Zealand. We are also making good progress on other agreements and expect to sign transitioned agreements with Israel, Switzerland, Chile, the Eastern and Southern African states (ESA), and the Faroe Islands soon. Nevertheless, we encourage businesses to continue to plan for a range of scenarios.
  • Future sessions on:
    • Importing and exporting
    • Impact on businesses manufacturing goods in the UK (e.g. supply chain issues)
    • Defra session on REACH
    • DCMS session on Data
    • DIT session on FTA’s and tariffs
    • Session on Services
    • Session on Customs and VAT
    • Session on the new UK CE mark
    • Session on what’s happening on the other side of the channel – i.e. update from French/Dutch Embassy’s on their Brexit preparations

We will follow up on the issues raised, with the relevant teams across government, and feed back to Forum members at future meetings.


Tools & Resources for you to use with your networks, to help them prepare for the UK’s exit from the EU

Working in partnership with leading business stakeholders is vital to raise awareness of the campaign with businesses. We appreciate any support that you can provide by:

  • Raising awareness of the EU Exit Business campaign website through your social media channels. There are a range of campaign branded assets for you to use on social media and wider: Campaign Content
  • Running your own stakeholder events, roundtables or focus groups and talking to your networks to highlight the messages of the campaign. Let us know what your plans are via our mailbox
  • Promoting the EU Exit Business campaign website through your established communication channels such as newsletters, stakeholder updates, website, other digital channels and internal communications.

This Employer toolkit equips employers with the right tools and information to support EU citizens and their families to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

This HMRC partnership pack is designed to help you support businesses preparing for day one if we leave the EU without a deal: HMRC Partnership Pack 

HMRC Business Readiness event

On Tuesday 29th January HMRC hosted a Business Readiness event at the QEII centre in Westminster. 120+ businesses, business representative organisations, trade associations and intermediaries were invited with approximately 60 in attendance. HMRC have kindly shared the presentation with us as well as with the attendees. The presentation includes some material and clear diagrams to describe changes to processes in a ‘no deal’ scenario that appear to be new. You may find the attached presentation helpful when engaging with stakeholders.

These new sector primers aim to bring together into one document the top 3 – 5 issues for each sector and provide overview guidance.  The primers link through to more detailed material elsewhere on The first batch of five sectors covered are:


Recent Announcements that you may have missed

BEIS issued guidance on the UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking which is the new UK product marking that will be used for certain goods being placed on the UK market if we leave the EU without a deal. The UKCA would replace the CE safety symbol on products: UKCA

BEIS updated the overview of the UK’s relationship with Horizon 2020 programme for science and innovation: Horizon 2020 Overview

Updates to the Finder tool – A Short term fix of prioritising relevant content this is now live.  It allows the user to order finder results by date, most read, most relevant, and alphabetised. GDS are exploring a larger range of changes to the finder tool, such as grouping by policy categories and improvements to prioritisation:

HMRC sent a letter to traders explaining changes to Binding Tariff Information if the UK leaves the EU without a deal: recent HMRC letters

Cabinet Office issued information on the outcome for public procurement policy in a no-deal Brexit scenario: Public Sector Procurement

DEFRA issued guidance on will happen to non-preferential WTO tariff quota licence(s) if the UK leaves the EU without a deal: Non-preferential WTO tariff quota licence

DEFRA published the response to stakeholder consultation on Geographic Indicators: Consultation Response on Geographical Indications

DEFRA issued a briefing to make Official Veterinarians (OVs) aware of changes required for the export to the EU of animals and animal products in a no deal scenario: DEFRA APHA OV Briefing Notes


DEFRA updated guidance on regulating chemicals (REACH) if there is no Brexit deal: Regulating Chemicals

MHCLG issued guidance on Construction Products Regulation providing practical information on the legal requirements that would be required in a no deal scenario: Construction Products Regulation

DCMS issued guidance to help businesses and charities continue to comply with data protection law after 29 March: Data Protection

DCMS issued guidance on the eCommerce Directive in the event of a ‘no deal’ EU exit: eCommerce Directive

DfT updated guidance on what private and commercial drivers from the UK may need to do to drive abroad when the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019: Prepare to drive in the EU after Brexit

DfT & CAA issued guidance on what you may need to do to continue working and operating in the aviation industry after the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019: Working and operating in the aviation industry after the UK leaves the EU

Competition Markets Authority (CMA) published a consultation on their functions, relating to mergers, antitrust and consumer protection processes, in a no deal scenario: CMA Consultation


Our aim is to send out a bulletin following the weekly Forum meeting.  We would be grateful for any feedback on the Forum and Bulletin and what you would find useful for future events and editions. Please e-mail any feedback with ‘Business Intermediary EU Exit Bulletin Feedback’ in the subject line to (


EU Exit: Business Intelligence and Engagement Team

Department for Business, Enterprise and Industrial Strategy


4th February 2019