Ground-breaking Celebration of 125 Years

The Eastbourne unLtd Chamber of Commerce was truly unlimited when they held their 125th birthday ball at Eastbourne’s Cavendish Hotel in July. 

The evening was a glittering occasion with an unusual Film Festival, live entertainment, virtual reality experiences and absolutely no boring speeches!

The films, made professionally by Drop Dead Films, included appearances from over 40 different chamber members in spoofs of Die Hard, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce, Starsky & Hutch and Terminator with cameo appearances from Eastbourne’s MP Stephen Lloyd and David Tutt, Leader of the Council as Lloydy and Tutts in the iconic red and white Gran Torino.

“Although I wasn’t involved in any of the filming prior to the Ball, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. The whole event was very slick and well organised” said Russell Colbran of Colbran & Wingrove Construction.  Ex-President Tim Cobb said, “the 200th Anniversary will need to be very special to beat that!”  Tim played hero Bruce Willis in Die Hard rescuing his wife Sue and fifteen hostages from Urban Ground boss Any Spirou and his band of terrorists who were touting real AK47s in The View Hotel before their arrest by Policeman Andy Kybett of Wyntercon.

Members can download photos from the filming sessions and night by clicking this link and entering the password “RUBBERDUCKY”. Click the shopping trolley (don’t worry it won’t cost you anything) to get your free download.

The fast moving event was designed and produced by Samara Hume and Paul Spink of Media Attention and raised over £2,300 for Chamber charities , Chestnut Tree House and the Eastbourne Citizens Advice Bureau.

Stephen Lloyd MP said “I’ve been enormously impressed with the sheer quality of the props and effects Media Attention have built and provided for the creative industries over the years. To have the chance to drive their fabulous Starsky & Hutch car – even though the price was I had to wear the rather dubious wig – made it all worthwhile. Anything to celebrate our wonderful Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce 125th Anniversary!”