Get support here for anxiety and stress

You may be experiencing anxiety and fear during this challenging time. The business that you’ve nurtured for years may seem suddenly vulnerable. Often, we invest a large part of our identity in our businesses, meaning that besides real financial concerns, this vulnerability can feel intensely personal.

Anxiety and fear are mentally paralysing. They produce the “fight or flight” response in us; useful if the threat is a wild animal but unhelpful if you’re facing unprecedented challenges to your business. Your body gears up for a physical response just at a time when a cool, clear head is needed to make the best decisions you can. Symptoms include sleep disturbance, difficulty concentrating or agitation.

As business owners, these feelings can be intensified by our need to present a strong and “in control” persona to our teams and possibly even to our friends and family.

Having a confidential space to explore and work through your emotions right now can be invaluable. It allows you to offload and make sense of your feelings. To become more clear-headed and more resilient so you can better steer yourself and your business through this.

Steve Neesam is offering a free one to one confidential, caring and focused telephone session to Chamber members. The session will last for 45 minutes.

Steve is an experienced UKCP & BACP Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. Previously, he was a Manager at various levels in the banking industry for 22 years.  He has a strong interest in promoting mental health in the workplace and works with a number of EAP’s to achieve this.

If you would like to take up this offer, please go to his website, and use the contact form. Please include your telephone number and write “ECC OFFER” within your e-mail. He will then contact you to arrange a time for your session.


Business Coaching and Support

If you would like independent advice from an experienced business coach contact Alan Wingrove of Blue Lion Coaching for a 1-2-1 discussion.  During the lockdown Alan is offering support online free of charge.  Email him for details  here, call him on 07768 368612 or  visit Blue Lion Coaching here.