Be Proud of Your Town

If you watch Blue Planet you will be aware of the damage done to ocean wildlife by the many tons of litter that finds its way into the sea, only to be swallowed by turtles, sea-lions, dolphins and fish – leading to a lingering, painful death, and getting into the human food chain.

Unfortunately Britain is a society that often discards its litter without care.  You will no doubt have seen people dropping wrappers in the street within a few feet of a litter bin, throwing cigarette butts into a drain or dropping their litter out of their car rather than taking it home.

As a result, our roadside verges are thick with litter and our town centre can look like a rubbish strewn wasteland!


Be proud of your town!

Talk to your colleagues about taking action:

  • Get your team to keep the outside of your business litter free.
  • Make sure your wheelie bins are locked.
  • Don’t leave plastic bags out – the seagulls and foxes will tear them apart!
  • Get all your family to keep the outside of your home and garden litter free.
  • Whenever you walk down the road find 3 bits of litter, pick them up and put them in the nearest bin.
  • Sweep the gutter as well as the pavement outside your shop/office/home.
  • Collect any litter outside your business.

Don’t think “I didn’t drop it!” –  if every member of the Chamber picked up 3 pieces of litter there would be none in town!

We are also lobbying the councils about a series of roadside signs:

  1. “Keep Sussex Tidy”
  2. “Most people take their litter home with them”
  3. “Please don’t throw litter down”
  4. “£10,000 fines will be applied for throwing litter!”


Share the message with all your friends and family – start talking about disposing of litter responsibly!

And don’t forget, this includes cigarette butts which are full of plastics and chemicals and are dangerous to wildlife.  Flicking your butt down a drain is like feeding it direct to a baby seal!  #flickingbluemurder!

 #beproudofyourtown! #iloveeastbourne! #iloveeastsussex!