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The government is investing in roads across the country but according to their public consultation, it does not include improvements to the A27 or the A21.

These roads are absolutely vital to our economy and must be improved.  The £75 million allocated to improve the existing A27 is not enough;  we need an offline* dual carriageway to move through traffic away from the South Downs National Park and the villages of Selmeston, Firle and Wilmington.  (*Offline meaning away from the existing road.) 

We also need to improve the A21 between Pembury and Hastings.  To get these roads improved we need to respond to the on line survey below. Please express your deep concern that the A27 and A21 are not included on the Strategic Routes Network improvements.  Make sure you mention the unacceptable delays on these roads and their poor safety record.  You could also mention the boost these roads will give to the economy of our Coastal Communities and disadvantaged areas.…/shaping-the-future-of-englands-strateg……/Highways_England_Strategic_Road_Networ…

The first report is the summary/introduction. The second is the survey which has questions about the third file attached.

It would be great if we could achieve over 1000 responses requesting dualing of the A27 and A21. Please take a few moments to complete this important survey and share it with all your contacts.

For information, the £75 million promised by the previous Secretary of State, Patrick McLoughlin, will do four things:

  1. It will widen the Drusilla's Roundabout
  2. It will provide an improved and safer junction at Wilmington
  3. It will introduce two lanes each way between the Polegate lights and the large roundabout known as Cophall Roundabout on the A22
  4. Most importantly, after lobbying hard for a better road, £3 million of this fund will be used to study a potential offline route for a brand new A27 north of the railway line linking Cophall to Beddingham.

We need to continue lobbying for this new road so please get everyone you know to complete the on line survey as above.



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"Improvements to the A27 are vital to my business and I am confident that the Chamber is support this by working with local and central Government to campaign on our behalf"

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"Improvements to the A27 are vital to my business and I am confident that the Chamber is support this by working with local and central Government...