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Breakfast at the Chamber

Why every Eastbourne Chamber member ought to come to the Breakfast at least once next year

Dear Chamber Members,

I have only recently joined Chamber, but will be chairing the Breakfasts for January to March next year and I have asked the office if they can send this communication to all of you, the members.

The breakfasts are going through a bit of a revamp having been shaken up a little by my predecessor Mina O’Brien from Ditzy Media, they are going through a further change in the New Year.

With Mina specialising in Social Media, she wanted attendees of the breakfast to step back and think about how they communicate with their audience. There was active encouragement to use the 1 minute that each member has to tell a story about their business rather than to just tell everyone what they do. The advantage of using stories is that it gives you the opportunity to write a blog about something and to boost your Social Media profile and attract potential customers through engagement. We will positively encourage the continuation of this in to the New Year together with the award for “Star Speaker”

There is also a 10 minute presentation from a member or a prominent business person in the area who might have a story that they would like to tell Chamber members and their guests over breakfast, so if you have a story please do get in touch with Stephen Holt who will be more than happy to book you in. It would be nice to have people desperate to talk to us about interesting things they are doing, such that we had a bit of a waiting list of speakers.

The breakfasts will also be moving to a fortnightly (normally) slot of the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month, on the occasion of a 5th Tuesday, you will have to wait an additional week.

It’s also not a commitment, you don’t have to come to every breakfast, come when you want, but please do come and see if you like it. If you are worried that you aren’t going to fit in, don’t be, the breakfast crowd isn’t a bad bunch and they have certainly welcomed me.

As to putting my own little stamp on the Breakfast for the next three months, I would like to encourage all breakfast regulars to bring along someone who doesn’t normally come to breakfast who you think might be able to help other members and to those of you have never come before, bring a friend if you think we might bite, there’s safety in numbers.

The reason I would like to encourage bringing a friend is that the two greatest lessons that I have learned since starting my own business a little over two years ago is that:

I don’t know everything; and

I can’t do everything

As a result, I have sought out people that can complement my service who I can learn from and people who I can put my clients in touch with who might be able to solve a problem for them. So come along and join the Breakfasts to see if you can find someone to help your business. Remember it’s not who we know that might be able to help you, it’s the people who know the people we know that might be the ones.

If you would like to talk to me about coming to the breakfast please feel free to to Stephen Holt at the Chamber of Commerce. 



For a list of our upcoming breakfast meetings - please click here


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"As a Chamber they've really nailed some superb events and brought out the best in the businesses and traders of the town"

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"As a Chamber they've really nailed some superb events and brought out the best in the businesses and traders of the town" Simon Groves - PRG...